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How to Remove your Personal Phone Listing
AreaConnect holds no personal or business information. If you want to remove your personal information on one of the white pages/people search sites that we link to you will need to contact each provider using the information provided below.

Personal Informational Removal
To be completely unlisted on People Search/White Pages web sites and in your local phone directory, contact your local phone company and request to be both unlisted and unpublished.

To be removed from individual web sites, please use the following links and email addresses:
Use this link to automatically remove your info:

To remove your listing, go to the Switchboard home page, click "My Personal Listing," then click Remove Your Personal Listing and follow the directions. Or, send your listing as it appears in our database to and enter 'Delete' in the subject field. Deleting a listing takes about a week from the time we receive your letter.

Search for your listing in the white pages. Click on the "update/remove" link next to your name and complete the form.

Use this link to automatically remove your info:

Use this page to start the removal process:

Use this form to start the removal process:

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