If you are interested in visiting Canada, then there are multiple ways to reach your desired destination. The most common choice is via air travel. The Flag courier of Canada is Canada Air. It operates flights in 80 destinations around the world. Westjet, British Airways and Air Transat are also some of the carriers that bring tourists to Canada. There is no shortage of options to choose from.

If air travel is not your cup of tea and your point of origin is in the U.S.A then there is always the railroad option.  Amtrak, a US railroad operator run the Adirondack route which begins in New York and stops at Albany Saratoga Springs then Montreal. Another route that they offer, the Maple Leaf, runs from New York to Syracuse Rochester to Buffalo to Niagra Fall and lastly Toronto. The Amtrack Cascades is also perfect for travelers who are from Eugene, Portland, Tacoma as points of origin as the route will travel to Vancouver. During these trips, always have your documentation can occasionally be subjected to border inspection which may result in delays.

Another fun way to reach Canada is via Boats. Cruise ships to be exact. Throughout the years Montreal has been gradually becoming a popular stop for cruise ships. The already famous port of Vancouver that travelers who are on their way to Alaska visit have been gaining more popularity as well. A Cruise ship journey is ideal if you are the type who also wants to savor the journey itself and not just the destination.