Canada is a place that adventure seekers, nature lovers, and food enthusiasts will surely savor. Spreading through a vast area of its territory, it possesses the breathtaking Canadian Priarise that leaps through the snow-covered mountains.  Canada also has many untouched all-natural preserved coastlines that leads to the woods and abundant green lakes that ultimately flows to the frozen tundra. This vast land is also surrounded by modern cities and eccentric towns filled with the culture and tradition of the indigenous people who occupy the settlements — a perfect mix of modernity and culture.

Just like it’s diverse landscape, the people of Canada is a melting pot of Francophone Quebeckers, Artic Indigenous people, Asian communities, and British ex-pats. This unique blend of people resulted in Canada’s welcoming character to foreign nationals, given that their population is made out of 22% of foreign-born individuals.

The Canadian cities are openminded, energetic, and friendly. These cities are being frequently featured on multiple ‘ Top Must Visit Cities’ articles, and travel shows that testaments the people’s love and appreciation for the place. They are getting more and more famous as the years pass by.

Each city is unique to its aesthetics. For example, Toronto is perfect for those who love going on adventures in quirky little neighborhoods or if you prefer taking scenic beach walks, then Ottawa, the Canadian capital is for you. Meanwhile, the soaring skyscrapers of Montreal offer you more than the city feels as it is surrounded by French-inspired architecture from the cobblestone on sidewalks and century-old histories keep in preservation.

However, among all these cities is Vancouver, a city, unlike no other. Canada’s texas counterpart for the cowboy custom of an annual boot-stomping Stampede is a few miles away from the Canadian Rockies. This city seems to have it all as it also posses a vast array of mountains, beaches, city life, and dining experiences. Aside from that, it also extends its offerings with the esteemed Vancouver Islands where people can choose from marine and land activities. There is no shortage of events in Vancouver too because they enjoy festivals and are experts in hosting them. Truly a vibrant and relaxing city indeed.

Let’s look at the thrilling adventures that Canada has to offer. In the Yukon, you can get up close and personal with grizzly bears and be awed by their magnificence or marvel on the endowment of the Niagara Falls via a helicopter. For other water-related adventures, Nova Scotia is the ideal place to kayak with the whales. Meanwhile, the Newfoundland coast is the perfect vantage point to view the mammoth icebergs. Speaking of sightseeing, you can also see the stunning Northern lights and all its glory in Canada.

The list is endless when we talk about all the adventures Canada has to offer. In fact, these are only some of the popular ones, and there are more to be discovered out there. Canada is truly a beautiful country, surrounded by mountains, waters, ice, and kind people that everyone should visit once in their life.