Canada can offer you more than poutines and steaks. It is a melting pot of people coming from different parts of worlds and that has resulted in a unique gastronomic food scene all over Canada. Although there is an obvious french influence in Quebec it is not uncommon to find Bratwurst in Southern Ontario, Chicken Kieve in Priarise and Kimchi Fried Rice in Vancouver.

The options for seafood lovers are endless due to Canada’s access to the bounties of the sea, which gives it abundant plates of seafood such as mussels, fish, salmon, lobster, crabs, scallops and prawns. There is no shortage in protein as well as there are also wide choices for top-notched steaks and Montreal smoked meats. If you are the type who wants to fulfill the primal man diet of eating game meat then rest assure that there is no shortage of, elk, venison, caribou and bison meat. For dessert, you get your hands on to rich chocolate Nanaimo bars delicately layered with custard and vanilla buttercream and topped again chocolate.

When enjoying food, remember to practice proper etiquette based on the costume of the place. In Canada, it is a generally accepted practice to place a 15% tip on top of the bill whether you are in a restaurant, nightclub or bars. Other than that, do not be in a shock if you can not see a lot of stores selling liquors as they are exclusively sold by licensed liquor establishments. The legal drinking age is some territories is 19 but 18 years olds can drink legally in Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba. If you happen to be in the legal drinking age then check out the wines from Okanagan Valley in British Columbia or from Ontario’s Niagra Penninsula which offers a special ice wine and desserts made from grapes that have naturally frozen in the vines.