If you are visiting Canada in the near future then we are sure that you are ready to spend some money on shopping be it for souvenirs for family and friends or for personal effects. We understand the need for you to get the most value for your money, so we have compiled a few places where you can get exactly that. Here is a list of places for the best shopping experience while in Canada.

1. St. Jacobs Farmer Market

Located at the Southern Ontario town of St. Jacobs, is a famous market well know for it all year round fresh produce. It is perfect for those who want to shop for gastronomic experiences. Try the crunchy deep-fried fritters of The Fritters Co, the addictive and delicious chips from Ray Woodey’s Craft Chippery and the good balance sausage Kipher’s Heritage pork.

2. Yorkville, Ontario

Within a quaint neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle noise of downtown Toronto, Yorkville is probably one of the chicest shopping districts in the territories of Canada. With store rents costing 300 USD per sq on average only heavy-hitting names such as Tiffany & Co. Burberry, Hugo Boss, Prada Louis Vuitton, etc are lucky to call it home. Get your credit cards ready as this shopping district will surely challenge your pockets.

3. Byward Market

A stone throws away from the capital’s parliament building, the By-ward market is one of the longest standing and largest farmer’s markets in Canada. On an average weekend, it accommodates almost 50,000 guests buying products such as pieces of jewelry, beaver tails, flowers, and fresh produce.

4. Old Quebec City

In terms of atmosphere, nothing can compare to Old Quebec City. The gates of this city have an ability to take you into time travel like a journey as you are surrounded by aged french inspire streets and architecture. It is the perfect shopping spot for art enthusiasts interested in purchasing pieces of local artists.

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