Travel to Canada

If you are interested in visiting Canada, then there are multiple ways to reach your desired destination. The most common choice is via air travel. The Flag courier of Canada is Canada Air. It operates flights in 80 destinations around the world. Westjet, British Airways and Air Transat are also...

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The History of Canada

The Metis, Inuits, and First Nations were the first groups of settlers to live in Canada. However, due to European colonization, the numbers of these indigenous people severely dwindle as a result. Aside from that,...

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Canada Travel Guides

Food & Drinks

Canada can offer you more than poutines and steaks. It is a melting pot of...

Where To Stay In Canada

There are so many hotels to choose from in Canada that accommodate those budget-savvy individuals...

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What You Need to Know About Traveling Across Canada with Cannabis

In 2018, Cannabis became legal in Canada. However, even though it’s legal, one has to know relevant laws on Cannabis to avoid encountering legal problems in the future. CBD Canada is illigal but you can carry some amount of CBD with you in Canada. If you are a frequent traveler in Canada, you should not brush aside its restriction laws on Cannabis. Below are the most important rules you should remember before you can travel across Canada with Cannabis: Only 30g of marijuana is ...

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    Where to Shop When in Canada

    If you are visiting Canada in the near future then we are sure that you are ready to spend some money on shopping be it for souvenirs for family and friends or for personal effects. We understand the need for you to get the most value for your money, so we have compiled a few places where you can get exactly that. Here is a list of places for the best shopping experience while in Canada. 1. St. Jacobs Farmer Market Located at the Southern Ontario town of St. Jacobs, is a famous market well know for it all year round fresh produce. It is perfect for those who want to shop for gastronomic experiences. Try the crunchy deep-...

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    Which Method Of Packing Is The Best – To Fold Or To Roll?

    People have argued for a while on the best way to pack same as they do for custom hoodies. Everyone has a personal preference, but no one can be fully sure that the method their preferred method is the best. Is it better to fold or to roll your clothes before putting it in your suitcase? Many people are scared about rolling their clothes because they may make clothes wrinkly. There are a few things more annoying than wrinkly custom T-shirts and no flat iron to straighten it out when you’re in a new place. Folding, on the other hand, can be a lot of work. Sometimes, you may wonder if ...

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    Must-Do in Canada

    Canada’s popularity has been increasing recently thanks to Justine Beiber and Drake. However, aside from producing famous singers, there is so much more than Canada has to offer. The place itself possesses hundreds of adventures, waiting to be experienced by thrill-seeking travelers. Here is a list of adventures that you should not miss during your visit to Canada. 1. Walk on the Edge of Toronto This experience will truly get you closer to the heavens. If staring down 1,815-foot  glass is not enough, the famous CN Tower in Toronto now offers an Edgewalk experience. By simply putting on a red jumpsuit and harness, ...

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