Canada’s popularity has been increasing recently thanks to Justine Beiber and Drake. However, aside from producing famous singers, there is so much more than Canada has to offer. The place itself possesses hundreds of adventures, waiting to be experienced by thrill-seeking travelers. Here is a list of adventures that you should not miss during your visit to Canada.

1. Walk on the Edge of Toronto

This experience will truly get you closer to the heavens. If staring down 1,815-foot  glass is not enough, the famous CN Tower in Toronto now offers an Edgewalk experience. By simply putting on a red jumpsuit and harness, visitors can now walk around the outside of the building’s restaurant level.

2. Get up close and personal with the Niagra Falls

The massive thunderous falls of Niagra is rivaled by no other. Take the Hornblower cruise and prepare to wet as you feel the spray of water to your face. Aside from the falls itself, you can also get your hands on the must-try ice wine.

3. Take a Night Out in Vancouver

Vancouver’s vibrant aesthetic is home to a radiant buzzing nightlife that party goers will enjoy. Visit the Gastown and Granville Street for a tour around the best nightclub there is in the city and party like there is no tomorrow.

4. Take a Canoe in Banff National Park

The picturesque blue lakes of Banff are the epitome of an idyllic canoeing scene as you will stream down multiple Fir trees and the ragged Canadian rock formations.

5. Tour around the Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail spreads over 300km transversing multiple Candian seaside towns located in Nova Scotia. It offers multiple hiking trails with a picturesque view of the ocean that are perfect hike loving individuals. When visiting the Cabot trail make sure to also the village of Inogonish for a postcard-worthy picture.

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