Vaping products have become a great way to fulfill one’s nicotine cravings and to help quit smoking. However, it can sometimes be difficult to use Laval vaping supplies while in public places and transportation due to current rules that help safeguard non-smokers.

Therefore, you should first know where you are allowed to vape to avoid breaking any laws. Here are some of the vape regulations you need to keep in mind while traveling.

Vaping on Planes

In most cases, you can carry your vape products on a plane depending on the country you are traveling to. However, you are not allowed to vape inside the planes or at airports, even though this will be based on the airport restrictions.

If you are going to carry your vaping gadgets ensure that you do not store them in checked bags to protect other travelers in case they can self-ignite.

Nevertheless, depending on the country you are traveling to, carrying CBD e-juice can be risky since some countries may not have legalized the use of hemp yet. This also applies to THC vape cartridges as well.

Vaping on trains/buses/cruise ships/ferries

Vaping on various means of transportation will depend on the restrictions of the country you go to. There are some which prevent passengers from carrying vape gadgets; others will allow you to vape in designated areas (for example in the case of cruise ships), while others may seize your vaping equipment upon arrival.

In most countries vaping in trains is banned even though they may include designated areas at the station. On the other hand, when traveling by bus, it is essential to first check in with the bus operator since the rules may differ between providers.

Tips on carrying vape products when traveling

Aside from ensuring that the destination supports the use of vaping devices and e-juice, here are some more recommendations to let you travel with a vaping device more safely and comfortably.

  • Use a vape carrying case or bag to keep your vaping products.
  • Store the included batteries appropriately by ensuring that they are kept away from things that could cause self-ignite like magnets and loose change.
  • Use a checked bag to store liquid bottles that are more than 3.4 ounces.
  • Avoid charging the e-cigarettes while flying.
  • You should keep liquids in a separate bag instead of shoving them in your carry-on baggage to make it easier during screening.
  • Ensure you switch off your vaping gadgets before storing them in a container.
  • Remember that e-juice cartridges, pods, or bottles can result in leaks while traveling by plane due to changes in air pressure, so ensure you store them appropriately.
  • If you are going to carry e-liquid while flying ensure you pack around 3.4 ounces in each transparent Ziploc bag.

In case you want to avoid going through every country’s vaping regulations, you can carry nicotine pouches or toothpicks instead, ideal for long distances. As a bonus, you will also protect the non-smokers nearby as well as. But if you prefer vaping gadgets, ensure you consider the local rules before traveling to a destination.

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