If you are planning to Painting the interiorĀ or outside surface of your old travel trailer, here are DIY steps you can follow to make your vehicle look as good as new.

Things You Need to Prepare

An indoor but open-air space. You will want to paint in an area where you don’t have to inhale all the paint for yourself. At the same time, you don’t want your trailer to be wet in case rain comes pouring down. Also, you will want to prevent bugs from sticking in your paint or wind, disrupting the painting process.

Primer and paint. Depending on the size of your trailer, you will have to decide how many gallons of primer and color you will utilize. You can use a house painting material for the process. If you are not sure about the amount of paint you need to use, ask the people from the paint store.

A spraying device. To get an even coating, you will need to use a spraying device. It can be messy, but it’s worth it. Remember to prepare an extension wire to ensure full coverage. Also, don’t forget to wear a waterproof mask and goggles to protect your eyes and lungs.

A smoothing device. Use a sander for a smooth finishing. You need to smoothen the old paint so you can apply the primer without a problem. It may take at least an hour to complete the whole thing. For beginners, along with a p60, using a p100 sanding sheet is also advisable in case of globs development from your painting.

Cleaning materials. You have to clean your exterior before and right after using a sander. This will prepare the surface for the prime and paint. Dirt can affect your painting and will interrupt with the paint’s adherence. You may need a painter’s tape, measuring tape, carpenter’s paper, roller, ladder, and an angle brush.

The Procedure

  1. Bath your trailer. Clean the entire trailer in detail, from top to bottom. Take away all the unwanted dirt as much as possible. You can use a scouring pad and a cleaning solution for scrubbing, a sponge for rubbing, and clean water for final rinsing. You’ll be amazed at many weird kinds of stuff falling off from your old trailer.
  2. Smoothen everything with a sander. Use a p60 sanding material for this procedure. There is no better way to scrape off old paint from metal.
  3. Repeat the 1st procedure. Now that you’ve taken off old paint, you’ll have to take away all the dust particles by bathing your trailer again. After that, tape the parts you don’t need to paint. To cover window frames, you can use carpenter’s paper and painter’s tape. Also, don’t forget to cover the lights and reflectors.
  4. Learn how to use your spraying device. Read carefully the instructions written on your spraying device before filling it with primer. Test it on a paper before actually using it on the trailer. It may take at least 30 minutes to prime the whole vehicle and also 30 minutes to dry.
  5. Clean your spraying device and fill it up with paint. You have to repeat the same procedure you did with your primer and wait for it to dry again.
  6. Do the final touch. Use an angle brush for unpainted parts, and sand down globs that have developed during the whole painting process.

Now your job is complete! Remove all the attached papers and tapes, and give yourself a tap on the back.

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