People have argued for a while on the best way to pack same as they do for custom hoodies. Everyone has a personal preference, but no one can be fully sure that the method their preferred method is the best.

Is it better to fold or to roll your clothes before putting it in your suitcase?

Many people are scared about rolling their clothes because they may make clothes wrinkly. There are a few things more annoying than wrinkly custom T-shirts and no flat iron to straighten it out when you’re in a new place. Folding, on the other hand, can be a lot of work. Sometimes, you may wonder if there are no other alternatives apart from the two.

Alice Wyatt, a Thread stylist, conducted a simple experiment to determine which method is the best – and end the debate once and for all.

She packed two travel bags that were identical. In one bag, the clothes were folded, and in the other, the clothes were rolled up. She kindly shared the results – and gave helpful advice on how to improve the way you pack, including the best method for packing t-shirts, shirts, and trousers before your trips. The answers to your questions are below.

Question One: Which Method Of Packing Is The Best?

The way you pack is very dependent on how much space you have in your luggage. The simple rule is this:

• If you do not have much space, roll your clothes

The Rolling Clothes Method Is The Winner

Rolling clothes is the best way to conserve space. According to Wyatt’s experiment, she had a lot more space in the bag with rolled up clothes – enough space for 7 more shirts and t-shirts. She recommends using the rolling clothes method if you’re traveling with only a carry-on bag.

Neither the rolling or the folding method eliminates all the chances of wrinkly clothes. However, the experiment showed that clothes that are rolled have a lot less obvious wrinkles in them. A lot of the wrinkles present fall out after being hung up over the night.

The wrinkles in folded shirts are sharper. It is easier to notice them. Most times, the clothes have to be ironed before they can be worn.

Packing Techniques You Must Know

1. Learn To Roll Your Shirts Properly

  • Firstly, put your shirt on your bed with the front-facing downwards, and the back facing you.
  • Fold your shirt sleeves inside.
  • Fold your shirt inwards, half vertically. It will prevent t creases.
  • Begin rolling from the bottom of your shirt upwards. Roll continuously.

2. Learn To Roll Your Custom T-shirts Properly

  • Firstly, fold your t-shirt’s sleeves inside.
  • Begin rolling your t-shirt in a bottom to upwards direction. Flatten any wrinkles you see and do your best to keep it smooth.
  • Fold your already rolled t-shirt in half. It will prevent creases because your already-rolled t-shirt would not have any sharp folds.

3. To Roll Trousers Properly

  • Firstly, fold your trousers into half lengthwise. It will prevent creases because you are folding alongside the seams.
  • Begin rolling your trousers from the bottom to upwards direction. Roll continuously to avoid creases.

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